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Curb Appeal: How to Give Your Home the Perfect Appearance

Landscaping is a crucial aspect of your home’s appeal. Establishing and maintaining a garden to complement a house and which is attractive to everyone is the very definition of curb appeal. Creating a great first impression should be the goal. It might be necessary to completely redesign gardens to emphasize the desirability of the house, or add plants to an existing garden for design and colour or to simply give pleasure. If you’re selling your house, an overgrown, messy garden can discourage potential buyers.

The components of the garden should be harmonized with well-maintained architectural details of the house, chimneys, porches, lighting and window shutters. De-emphasizing flaws in the visual presentation of the house, like pipes and meters can be done with judicious plant placement to conceal as much as possible. The key to the right garden design is regenerative practices: plants that are in the right location, that can be easily cared for, will bloom correctly for the season and will prove sustainable over time. Budget, plant choice and the design and layout of plants are central elements in garden curb appeal. To create a whole effect, however, properly considered planting should complement architectural details of the structure. Considering the texture, scale and balance of plants will harmonize them with the style of the house.

Doing all this work yourself is possible, but you could seek the advice the Garden Counselor, to develop an improvement plan to make the job a little easier. A great, well-designed garden will give you the wow factor to make your house the envy of the neighbourhood. Present your house as interesting, even dramatic, but a home in which everyone would like to live.The Garden Counselor

Valerie Burton